MANIFEST of New Ethic - New World
   We will be able to change the world when we finally become aware that:

   - we Can rely only on ourselves and never on politicians.
   Therefore, all politicians and their political parties are unnecessary because they do not unite society but divide it.

   - we Can feel only love because we are created out of God's love.
   Therefore, all churches and religious doctrines are unnecessary because they fill our souls with fear, but not love.

   - we Can do only good because everything else is pure vanity.
   Therefore, no laws are needed because they humiliate the grandeur of human spirit by daring to sanction it without condemning the factors that lead to its deformation.

   - we Can wish only peace and declare it to all peoples around the world because we respect their rights, traditions, customs, cultures, way of living, religion, territory etc.
   Therefore, no army is needed because this is gun for aggression and violence.

   - we Can enjoy life by discovering the magnificence of the simple things that surround us.
   Therefore, we must reject all dogmas of the educational system which brainwash, deform feelings and make young people feel unhappy.
   This is a crime for which all adults shall be held responsible!

   - we Can be responsible for the act of the governments.
   Therefore, we must not pay taxes when governments execute crime. Because by doing that we share the crime.

   - we Can be logical - state authorities (the status quo) may not be changed through elections.
   Therefore, by giving our votes, regardless of our choice, we vote to keep the said status quo.

   - we Can be personalities by defending our conscience, honesty and ideas.
   Therefore, we must clearly define truth, without any fear and hesitation.
   Because resignation turns us into servants - not personalities.

   - we Can -------------- it's your turn now! we Can and it is high time to want it!
   Therefore, we must only remember and believe in Jesus' words:
   "Haven't you been told - Gods are you"

   The soul is the gentlest call, the most humble breath. Listen to it!


Our regards: Radi