Who needs the world to be like that? Just today the American citizens will ask themselves this question. Since only a huge tragedy could urge a man to seriously consider the simple truth. Happiness does not exist and can not exist when based on values ignoring the human spirit on its way to self-determination.
   This is the source of the world contradictions.
   It does not only opposes the countries to each other, but it's roots are inside the societies themselves, especially in the so called "developed countries". In each society, where the material wealth is a measure for welfare, the more this necessity is satisfied, the more exquisitely the society is evading the truth. Only "the young", who did not deform yet their unique spirit, feel it and react by avoiding the reality. But where is the place to hide? The world is all the same. And the process of globalization will finish it entirely, because it is based on the same values. If a injustice is brought up in a rich society with such endeavour then how much brutality it would take to impose it to the rest of the world? We are witnesses of this fact, aren't we? Or we prefer to close our eyes too, because our rough material identity does not admit a clear sight to the truth? While the truth is simple. The capitalism does not lead to anywhere. The material wealth does not mean anything when it does not bring happiness to the people, does not serve their natural craving to love each other, to love the world as it is, multiform and various. We can see in every step of the way, in every aspect of the highly developed capitalist society, that it is not done. Take a look at their art. Even in the science fiction reflecting a future reality they can not free from this system of values. The science and technologies will be developed further and people will be telepathically transferred, but the morality will stay the same, primitive and selfish.
   And this is a result of a sole fact - the FEAR.
   The fear of disclosing ourselves to the others, because they might not understand us.
   The fear of loving the others, because they will not respond the same way. /Because our happiness is in taking not in giving/. The fear that there is not enough of everything for everyone, which lead to our selfishness.
   /But if we loved each other we would see there is enough of everything for everyone on this planet and our values would be completely different./
   The fear that we are hopelessly weak leading to hatred and cruelty.
   The fear that we are sinners, which all religions managed to inculcate very well.
   The fear that we are mortal as a result of all above mentioned fears.
   And only these who have felt the love of God know that everything is a fable, which leads us to perdition.
   Because we all are One. We are One. We are God.

PS. Now all the hatred will dump on the "guilty" terrorists. Because we can only hate and therefore no one will consider how much suffering and pain had made these men to give up their own life with joy.

Author: Rady Tchuhlev, 06.32 a.m. 12.09.2001