1. To believe in something principal one should be enchanted by its beauty. How can people feel that when we destroy methodically the uniqueness of their nature even in their earliest childhood. And how rich and magnificent human nature is! The world is but a child's picture.
  2. Even the most elevated piece of art will shape youth as it is today - a mere consumer. Young people crave for creative work - personal, worldly, making them happy.
  3. Even the most distinguished piece of writing couldn't make life of man happier, and in such way that it could have awaken those feelings that subside in him. The rest is done by his creativity.
  4. There is no book that has taught man how to live. For art is exultancy towards that sacred life which is always escaping from the artist.
  5. The thing towards which the unabated human spirit craves can be explained by no means of expression. It is overpowered by children until they are speechless to the world.
  6. How mother like nature is. It endows man with all its precious gifts nevertheless each irrevocably follows his only path - the of the betrayal.
  7. Today the excellent results concerning man's health are due to the achievements of: the medical science, which successfully managed to replace the real heart with an artificial one and the education, which is trying but fortunately unsuccessfully to replace the alive man's mind with an artificial one.
  8. The international recognition of a nation can be achieved only if the society has strong legal, cultural and aesthetic values. A society built of people possessing the clue to harmony will show the world unbelievable and unrecognized till now charms of the human nature.
  9. Believe as you believed in your childhood!
    [Preserve your child's dreams if you can.]
  10. Each human living is the best form of life, each human existence is an untamable endeavour towards the best form of life (the mote of the treatises).